The ”Not-updating-your-schedule” effect

Good morning!

Went up pretty early this morning (everything prior to 7am is really early in my world).
Went to school with a fresh and empty brain, ready to fill it with new information since today was the first lecture in the logistics course that i’m enrolled to. Said and done, i went to school. Once there, I noticed that there were only a total of approx. 3 students in the lecture. Hmm, and no teacher? Weird.

Turns out that the lecture doesn’t start until 10 am. So, here i am, sitting in the library. Fortunately one of the two other students was my nice colleague from Iran so i had someone to hang out with in school!

We went to the library (where we are currently sitting) and doing some last work on my indidual reflections in another course. Only 1 hour left until the lecture starts! ;) .

Then, after that, we’re having a meeting in another course (the case that i wrote about yesterday) and hopefully we will be more or less done with it today. I’ll get back to you guys on this later this evening.

Have a great day!

I’m back!


As you might have noticed, the updates on this blog has been anything but frequent lately. My new strategy is to try to update it continuously every day. I’m also aiming at giving you some more information on who I am, what i do and where i plan to go.