Friday night

Hey guys,

Friday night and I’m studying mathematics. Earlier today we finished a case in Logistics where we structured the most suitable distribution of warehouses based on different costs and other restraints such as warehouse sizes etc. It was pretty interesting and it’s obvious that you can do a lot of cool stuff with a ”simple” program like Excel.

Anyways, back to the math.

Have a nice weekend!

Edit: We sat in a computer room at campus and there where a lot of people around us sitting and doing some kind of programming assignment. Made me remember my days in Kista where i studied Computer and System Sciences. Maybe i’ll do some programming this weekend, perhaps update my movie database (I watch a lot of movies).

Edit 2: I just remembered this great song that i used to listen to a lot a couple of years ago. The title is speaking for itself :) .

Mos Def – Mathematics (Spotify)

New course: Operations and Supply Chain Management

Today the second period started and with that followed two new courses. Today I had the first lecture in a course named Operations and Supply Chain Management. It seems like an interesting course since it deal with different corporate strategies and how they are working together with supply chains. I’ve read the first two chapters of the book (course literature) and it seems pretty good. The book is written by Nigel Slack and looks like this:

My second course starts this Thursday. The course name is Logistics and Supply Chain Management and it deals with Logistics (duh!). More on this after Thursday.