Completion of Group Assignment in Project Management


The last couple of days + weekend has been spent on finishing our group assignment in the course of Project Management. It has been a pretty funny assignment where we where supposed to plan a project. Below are some of the different parts of our project plan:

* Identify project goals
* System/Project Requirements + Prerequisites
* Situation analysis (including SWOT + Stakeholder mapping)
* Planning (Using Network Diagram, WBS, Gantt, Resource Lists etc.)
* Budgeting
* Communications Plan
* Quality Assurance

and much more!

I focused mainly on the planning parts, creating a WBS, network diagram, Gantt chart and resource lists. I used a combination of OmniPlan and OmniGraffle, which i would really recommend for people using Mac!
I think our report landed at around 60 pages. Most of it can be found in the appendix, though! ;-) . Below is an image of our finished Gantt chart, looks pretty nifty if you ask me.

It has been a good group with three different nationalities present (Sweden, China and Germany). Sometimes i feel that i learn more from interacting with people from different cultures than just doing the actual assignments.

Today, i’ve also written a shorter reflection based on the same assigment where one group member weren’t working together with the rest of the group. We therefor had to argue for two different choices; Keep / Fire.
Clearly there are pro’s and con’s with both and since it is very much connected to the case, it doesn’t make much sense to write anything more about it here (since then i would have to describe the whole case).


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