Case about IBM: continued

Remember the case about IBM that i posted last week?

Well, today i pretty much finished my part of our written report. I concentrated on key success factors for IBM and their successfull implementation. In my opinion, two of the critical success factors where:

  1. Involving the management in the change
    Involving and getting support from the senior executives at IBM helped in keeping the initiative active but also had an effect on the change of other parts of the business. This was a difficult task as IBM had traditionally been anti-union which created a strong resistance. Many executives were reluctant to the idea of letting the employees organize.
  2. The 5-minute drill
    One problem that IBM had was that executive managers would only nominate candidates (for managerial positions) within the own unit instead of across the whole company. This lead to discrimination where women and minorities where under-represented as potential manager-material. The five-minute drill made executives accountable for their choices regarding promotions. They would have to answer to why minorities and females weren’t chosen. He then asked the executives to come up with ideas on what had to be done in order for them to regard these excluded groups in the promotion-process.

These two different parts might seem like small but in the long-run, they made all the difference and helped IBM to really take advantage of it’s diverse workforce.

Something to think about:

People naturally will hire and promote people like themselves. Its just nature.”
-Black Manager, IBM



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